Coated Vicryl 4-0 polyglactin 910 Undyed Murah Ethicon CTD with Igracare MP kategory wound closure absorbable Silver 1X18\” type Needle Cutting VCP656G

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Vicryl 4-0 polyglactin 910 Undyed Jual JNJ Benang Operasi dengan Triclosan kategory wound closure braided Silver 16mm tipe jarum Revesrse Cutting VCP656G

VCP656G-VICRYL Plus 4-0
VCP656G-VICRYL Plus 4-0

Coated Vicryl 4-0 polyglact 910 Undyed Harga JNJ CTD dengan Triclosan kategori wound closure terserap Silver 45cm tipe Needle CUTTING EDGE PRIME REVERSE Kode VCP656G.


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VCP656G Vicryl Plus 4-0 polyglact 910 UND Order Ethicon 1/2 Circle with Triclosan kategori wound closure diserap Silver PS-4C tipe Needle Revesrse Cutting Jual kirim ke

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